RRS1100 radio receiver for the blind AINC NTIA ATSC

In 2009, the FCC mandated that TV broadcasters stop broadcasting in analog and start broadcasting in digital. The loss of the analog signal resulted in the loss of SAP technology, which was being used by reading services to reach their blind and visually impaired listeners. The change left thousands of listeners across the country without essential news services.

The Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) and Rocky Mountain PBS anticipated the impact that this loss of service would have on their Colorado community, and contacted Neil at nBlank to develop a simple to use receiver for the blind that would work off the new, free over-the-air digital (ATSC) signal.

Funding for the development of the receiver was provided by the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP) of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).  This new digital receiver, the Digital Reading Service Receiver (RRS1100), was custom tailored to fit the special needs of reading services and their blind and visually impaired listeners.

This Digital Reading Service Receiver (RRS1100) and DTV technology have many benefits over radio and internet, including

  • Designed by a reading service and broadcaster for a reading service like yours
  • Custom features for blind and visually impaired listeners
  • Free, over-the-air digital TV signal (NO TV required)
  • Superior sound quality
  • Broader coverage area
  • Automated, easy set-up
  • Defaults to your reading service
  • Easy-to-use one knob functionality
  • Affordability
  • Access to network TV stations, but no TV required
  • Use like a traditional radio in any room
  • Only requires <1% of TV broadcaster bandwidth
  • Demo test unit available for free trial


Bob TV Timer hopscotch&nbsp;

TV Timer BOB helps parents manage and monitor the time their children spend using TV, video game consoles and computers. The power cord from one of these devices plugs into the back of BOB and is locked in place. Then, BOB plugs into an electrical outlet. After setup – a process that takes about three minutes – the machine monitors the amount of time a child spends using that device.

Parents decide an acceptable amount of viewing time for each child per day or per week. Specific time periods can be blocked entirely for studying, chores, family time and/or sleeping. Each child in the house (up to 6 users plus 1 parent user) has a four-digit PIN that they enter before they can turn on the attached device. BOB tracks the time used. A “master pin” allows a parent to turn on the connected device at any time.

When a child’s preset viewing time expires, BOB shuts off the attached TV, video-game system or computer monitor and won’t allow it to be turned on by that user for the remainder of the day (or week).

  • Manage the time your children spend watching TV and playing video games.
  • Personal PIN access for every family member (up to 6 child accounts).
  • Master-user access (permits access anytime).
  • Weekly or daily time management.
  • Time reporting for every user.
  • Time-period blocking to prevent device use at certain times of the day. (Up to five blocks per user for any or all days of the week. Maximum of 35 blocks per user per week.)
  • Quickly add bonus time or remove time from any user without changing their regular allotment.
  • TV Timer BOB works with all TVs (including large screens), gaming stations, and computer monitors.
  • Big, easy to use keypad for the entire family, even in the dark! While in use, BOB shows the user logged in and their time remaining.
  • Tamper proof and durable.
  • Settings are safe during a power outage.


The Journey to Wild Divine the passage lightstone biofeedback&nbsp;

The Journey to the Wild Divine presents a unique meditation adventure game for mind & body that links medically tested biofeedback hardware, Lightstone, with your computer to create an enlightening experience of wellness.



wild divine iom biofeedback&nbsp;

The Wild Divine Iom is a patented scientific instrument that functions as an alternative biofeedback device. It acts similar to your mouse, keyboard, or joystick as the connection between you and your computer. For example,  something on the computer screen requires you to move your mouse left. In Wild Divine, you might have to relax your muscles and calm down to move left on the screen. With the Iom, it automatically recognizes your body’s extremely subtle signals of emotion, stress, calmness, tension, happiness, and allows you to proceed based on your ability to control your senses.

You receive instant feedback on changes in your thoughts, emotions, breathing, posture, and levels of calm or stress. The Iom is very simple to use, it plugs into any standard USB port on Mac or PC computers, and interfaces with Wild Divine software to give you an interactive experience like no other.

Wild Divine works with many leaders in the areas of wellness and mind/body training. Dr. Deepak Chopra appears in many programs, and Deepak Chopra’s Secrets of Meditation is a program dedicated to capturing and delivering his teachings as the worldwide authority on the subject of meditation.

Windows System Requirements:

Compatible with XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

Mac OSX System Requirements:

Compatible with OSX: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9



biofeedback glove biofeedz

Sensors within the fabric of our Bio-node glove measures Skin Conductance and Heart Rate as well as pressure and motion. With software integration, we can leverage the biometrics to create flight simulation, motion control, lie-detection, health and fitness apps, the possibilities are endless!

  • Wearable, wireless glove connects to your smartphone or tablet
  • App provides human interface platform for software development via software development kit (SDK)
  • Embedded sensors within the fabric measure Skin Conductance Level (SCL), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), as well as pressure and motion of the hand
  • The Bio-node technology can be incorporated into a wide variety of wearable tech products


Smartphone RFID for efficient inventory management. Leverage the power of UHF RFID using iOS and Android devices.

Instructions: Attach lightweight, cheap, battery-less tags (the same tags used in the supply chain) to your stuff. With the inexpensive and attractive U Grok It system, you can scan that stuff from 6 to 10 feet away.

  • Reduce in-store inventory loss
  • Quickly locate specific items (beep alerts when close)
  • Pick, pack and ship, it’s quick and accurate!
  • Track and update history feature
ugrokit rfid reader iPhone&nbsp;


  • Same Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology as the Amazon Kindle
  • Paper-like high contrast electronic ink that utilizes ultra-low power consumption
  • Case contains an ultra-thin battery, a 3.5” E-Ink display, and an Apple lighting connector
  • Display your favorite photos, boarding pass, map, or shopping list.
  • Personalizing your smartphone case has never been this fun & functional!
  • Android version (option available)
  • iPhone6 version (coming soon!)