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LithoCase, the second screen for your iPhone.

Discover a new world of connectivity, productivity and customization.

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Use your LithoCase second screen to securely hold flight and movie ticket QR codes. Dress up your phone with sports or fashion logos, or show your favorite photos. Follow twitter threads or “now playing” song info without opening the phone. Download custom apps to make your LithoCase an Internet-of-Things connected receiver. 

The LithoCase E-Ink screen is like the screen on an e-reader, daylight-visible and high res, but connected to your iPhone for limitless power and flexibility. LithoCase can hold an image forever, needing NO POWER.

If you use mobile airline boarding passes you know this feeling: you have your boarding pass open on your phone while you’re waiting in line to have it scanned. Your phone is tied up with that single task. But with your mobile boarding pass displayed on your LithoCase you’re free to catch incoming calls and messages, and you’ll get on the plane even if your battery dies. Once the QR code is displayed on the LithoCase it stays there, needing no power, until you write a new image. 

Setup the LithoCase Twitter feed, and watch tweets “just appear” on your back screen while the phone is in power-saving background mode. Catch what’s playing now on Pandora without opening an app. Or just lock onto that QR code.

LithoCase Blank Slate Application
Our App allows users to write unique images to the second screen for a wide variety of uses from productivity enhancement of multitasking with a second screen, to entertainment, e-tickets, security QR codes, and case customization images. 

  • Customization screens or images – Add any personalized logos or images to your phone case

  • Photo Slide Shows – update screen every few seconds for show and tell or with one of your favorite images every few hours

  • Twitter feeds with special screen view function – Tweet content, text and images will be automatically written on the LithoCase and can be read in bright daylight. You can follow your favorite topics without tying up your phone and without consuming phone power to drive power hungry phone screen.

  • Remote content registered or subscription service – receive content from content providing sites with phone and app in background mode.

  • Screen shots of any content

  • Mobile Tickets - Boarding pass, movie tickets or other passbook tickets

  • Audio programming images - Album covers, liner notes,

LithoCase Blank Slate - additional future features

  • Mobile Boarding passes sub-App. This app feature will optimize mobile boarding passes for the LithoCase screen and will not allow new images to be written on the Litho Screen until user “releases” the boarding pass allowing screen to be active again.

  • E-reader – Connect to e-reader apps and read on e-paper screen

  • Maps - Send maps to the case and refer to them while using your phone’s other features

  • Text view - Move text messages to the other side of your phone

  • To do lists - Day to day calendar and to-do’s can be placed on LithoCase screen where they can be viewed in direct sunlight and without turning your phone on!

  • Image share and customization - Allows friends or groups (configurable) to share or send notes and images directly to other LithoCase users. Send a note to a family member to call home as soon as your meeting is over... Since this is a background operation it will not interfere with other phone functionality.

Twitter On LithoCase, 1.0
Follow tweet threads on the LithoCase without needing to open an app. It’s great to just glance down at your phone to see what’s new. And the tweet doesn’t disappear in a few seconds like normal iPhone notifications. Catch new tweets, with or without photos, without having to stop what you are doing.

Twitter App features

  • Tweets are written directly to LithoCase - even with the app closed

  • Tweets are easily viewable in bright sunlight

  • Tweets stay on the LithoCase “second screen” long enough to read them and show them to others

  • The process:

    • Select a# or @ to follow

    • Close the app (or not, as you wish)

    • Tweets are written to LithoCase (with photo if present)

    • Do-Not-Disturb button pauses future tweets

More possibilities combining Twitter and LithoCase:

  • The Twitter Case: A twitter-branded LithoCase with razor-sharp focus on bringing the best possible Twitter experience to users. It all happens on the LithoCase “second screen” side of the phone, so followers can be “always on twitter” while the first screen is free for other uses.

  • Sports Themed Cases: with a team-branded LithoCase, college or pro sports teams can tweet the latest info on players, games, draft. Keep fans engaged with “news of the day” tweets sent right to their second screen where it will stay visible. Fans can join in with their own tweets.

  • Subscriber or group content in conjunction with individual and collective feedback with Twitter feeds.

  • Location specific coupon or deals. Receive promotional deals based on your specific location. These barcode, QR or Captcha deals can be scanned for redemption from the “other side of your phone” without impacting your phone usage.

  • Music based cases – Pandora branded? Spotify, Rhapsody? Let user enjoy music from either side of the case, viewing and artist, song and playlist information without effecting normal phone functions like web searches and texting. Music app functionality like listener comments can also be displayed.

Case Features

  • Connected device E-ink Screen

  • High definition E-ink Screen

  • Fast screen write time through iPhone lightning connector

  • Easily readable in bright sun light

  • Phone and Case charge from single cable

  • Scroll buttons to interface with app and phone

  • Universal Phone Jack

  • Bi-directional Audio

  • Connected with Twitter and social networking

  • Screen connectivity to any configured internet of things connected device
    - Twitter, Pandora, Spotify …
    - Push notification image write for any connected device

  • Remote subscription content

  • Independent of phone battery

  • Power savings - Phone battery life extension by transferring uses from phone screen to low power E-ink screen

  • Case battery level

  • Apple Mfi preliminary approval

  • Built with proprietary iAP II firmware interface for use with iOS and android environments

  • Remote firmware updates

The LithoCase SDK – Empowers developers to unlock new potential uses and the power of the second screen

Our Software development kit (SDK) allows app developers access to the full set of LithoCase Hardware features. With these tools an app developer can connect the LithoCase to the iPhone and the rest of the world creating unique opportunities for connected apps utilizing the E-ink second screen, tactical switches and more. The power of the LithoCase, the iPhone and the internet combine creating an Internet-of-Things solution platform.

The Blank Slate Litho Case launch and opportunities

The LithoCase product has been under development for about 2 years. It has gone through rigorous design and proof of concept phases. The original form factor prototypes were built last year. Much of this initial hardware design was performed by the nBlank engineering team. This development along with the LithoCase team development of firmware and apps form the basis for LithoCase. LithoCase is currently at a preproduction design level and we have complete documentation and ownership of our IP from mechanical and electrical to firmware SDK and Apps. We have very well established working environment with our long term Apple High Volume Approved manufacturing partners. 


We are interested in meeting with parties that are able to collaborate with us to launch this product line.

Our interests include: 

  • Investment

  • Technology licensing, manufacturing and design support

  • OEM arrangements, customization and manufacturing

  • Private label

  • Technology sales

  • Product engineering and manufacturing support services

Our Experiences and talented development and manufacturing team

Our team has designed and developed consumer electronic products for well over a decade. We have developed processes of design, documentation and testing that result in high quality extremely low failure rate products. These skills transfer directly to our LithoCase startup project. 

The LithoCase product was created using our proven experience, skills and process. We look forward to this next phase and launching our business and family of LithoCase products! 

Neil Blank

Our Team:

  • Neil Blank, hardware developer, team lead

  • Jim Dotter, product advisor, firmware and app developer

  • Thomas Hopmans, industrial and mechanical designer

  • Jan Delaney, App and Apple developer

  • Jacky, program and tech resource- E-ink Asia

  • Jimmy, team lead

  • Adrian, firmware and EE

  • Steve, engineering advisor

  • Dave Farrell, sr. engineering resource

  • Tom Ritenauer, CAD Designer