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+ What types of Product Development Services do you provide?

We specialize in collaborative electronic / electro-mechanical design, manufacturing, cost reduction redesign, component selection, and regulatory compliance, in the consumer electronics, IT, and /or the medical product sector. Our services include:

  • Product Development
  • Engineering and Design
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Procurement
  • US & Asia Manufacturing Management
  • Turnkey & OEM

+ Do you build prototypes?

Yes. We build prototypes at various levels as part of our design process to prove concepts and to ultimately deliver functional devices.

+ Do you develop products without the electronics component?

Yes. We have designed a number of products without electronics that just contain functional mechanical parts.

+ How long does it take you to design a new product?

This is really a product specific question and the kind of thing we discuss during initial client meetings. The time required to design a new product is based on the complexity, both electrically and mechanically, on the availability of materials and on specific development work required for new designs. Typically, the design phase may take anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Time to manufacturing can be a bit longer based on lead time of parts, compliance requirements and project funding. nBlank has a large history in development and manufacturing within compressed schedules and we understand what paths may be performed in parallel and how to prioritize critical timeline tasks to decrease your product time to market.

+ What is your typical deliverable?

Deliverables can include any or all of the following: project roadmaps, block diagrams, schematics, design files, 3D models in CAD, prototypes, project specifications, BOMs (Bill of Materials). As we get further along on manufacturing projects, we will likely create a TPS (Total Product Specification) report which contains everything needed to build your product to its complete production level. The TPS report is an outline format document (binder) that describes the electrical mechanical firmware BOM – everything! The hard copy document is reference and outline to supporting electronic docs and files needed for manufacturing. With the TPS, and appropriate IP safety measures, we can request project quotes from our various manufacturing partners and discuss manufacturability and cost reductions. Our TPS reports ensure a solid basis for successful manufacturing work.

+ We have a product that is already being manufactured but would like to redesign it to reduce cost and improve quality. Can you help?

Yes! We are experienced in troubleshooting existing product designs and always make every effort to accommodate DFM (design for manufacturing) considerations.

+ Do you work with clients that are based outside of Colorado?

Yes. We work with many clients across the country. We use GoToMeeting or Skype for video conferencing, along with email, and good old-fashion telephone calls. If you currently use a web / video conference tool you’d like us to adopt, we’re happy to accommodate as well.

+ This is my first time into getting a product designed. What’s the first step?

Not a problem! We work with many customers who are new to the product development process. We’d suggest that you contact us and tell us what you have in mind. After a thorough product discovery, a product managers will contact you to discuss your project plan in more detail, we will likely follow up with a quote on your project.

+ I only need a prototype. Can I just make a prototype and not go forward with production?

Yes, most definitely! This process does require a good amount of design work before a prototype can be built. We build prototypes as part of our design process. This process proves our concepts and delivers aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional prototypes that can be ready for production with minimal revisions.

+ Do you do patent searches?

Generally, this falls under the client’s responsibility. However, as part of the research phase for most projects, we will do some “design-oriented” patent searching to get a feel for what has been done before and what the patent landscape looks like. If we find anything of significance that could impact the design, we’d be the first to let our clients know.

+ How can I trust you? What’s an NDA?

nBlank will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with prospective clients. This allows you to disclose any sensitive information without worry. We treat all projects with the respect it deserves.

+ Will I own the all the designs and the IP (Intellectual Property) after the work is completed?

Yes, most definitely! All of the deliverables are owned by the client. Our business model is built on selling product development and supporting your manufacturing needs.

+ Would you help me apply for a patent? Do you do patents?

While we do not generally file patents for our clients, we sometimes do work with patent attorneys to help create the necessary documentation and images for patents. We often provide the necessary drawings and descriptions, along with our opinions on the patentable elements of the designs.