heart variability sensor

Heat rate and heart rate variability are great measurements of human response to sensory input and user surroundings.

heart rate HR variability glove bioHID gif


stress level measurement bioHID
Stress level sensor BioHID biofeedback

Skin conductance or electro dermal response is an accurate and fast indication of a person’s response to stimulus or ideas.   Controlling this response requires calming oneself and is a fundamental meditative concept.


Position tracking XYZ sensor biofeedback

The BioHID/ BioNode measures changes to the position of the hand (or other element).  This provides the user a method of controlling external devices or programs/apps as well as the ability to monitor background human movement or activity.

glove video game serious game control sensor position

glove bioHID squeeze sensor biofeedback
applied pressure sensor biofeedback

Pressure measurement sensors can be positioned and configured to create user feedback paths or “buttons” in were able fabrics, or in conjunction with other sensor devices to increase accuracy and reduce effects of human/motion noise artifacts. 

skin temperature sensor feedback

Skin temperature when accurately measured as with the BioNode can provide excellent feedback on several human physical conditions.  Providing this feedback through programs and apps can help users to learn how they react to external stimulus and to control their physical reaction.  This can have a wide range of medical applications from determining fertility to treating migraine headaches.