We provide complete end to end product development services and support to companies creating or updating electronic products. 

        With more than two decades experience in consumer electronic product development, and mass production of market-ready products, we’ve fine-tuned our process and secured integral partnerships that result in detailed and accurate project planning, elegantly simple engineering solutions and timely production.

        For businesses interested in our established product development solutions our flexible and creative team may be the right fit for you.



        We take pride in our ability to create a detailed and realistic product plan for all our projects. Our experience allows us to identify the detailed tasks involved, understand the magnitude of effort, identify the resources required, and determine the interdependencies of each step.  We organize these together into a series and parallel combination of events creating a realistic and efficient solution for development & manufacturing. 


       Our interdisciplinary team of designers, engineers, and developers work collaboratively on all phases of our projects.  Our diversity of experience, and concurrent work of electronic hardware engineering, industrial design, mechanical engineering, firmware development, software engineering  and design for manufacturing sets us apart as an all in one napkin sketch to distribution ready product development firm. 


        We’ve forged strong partnerships over the past decade with manufacturing experts domestically and overseas.  We involve our manufacturing partners throughout the process for feedback into development. This is critical to maximize efficiency, minimize iterations and produce a product that not only matches our client’s expectations, but also leverages the strength of our partners’ expertise.  




        In addition to working closely with our clients and their products, our skills and experience allow us to develop our own new products and new technology applications. 

       We currently have the following technology products available and we’re interested in licensing, selling, customizing and manufacturing these technologies with new partners. Our existing proven designs and our established development and manufacturing teams allow you to quickly launch these as your company’s new product.


A second screen for your iPhone.
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A biometric human interface device.
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lithocase rendering animation broncos case twitter application
heart rate variability sensor
applied pressure sensor
skin temperature sensor
stress level sensor
XYZ position sensor
BioHID glove sensors biofeedback blutooth USB connected devices